Manage your contact center and call center easy, simple, and from anywhere!

Improve effective contact without limits with the only comprehensive solution to grow!

Grow your business affordably in an unlimited and easy international way so you can improve your communication with customers outside the USA.

We engineer software aimed at the growth and development for contact and call centers.

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Toll-Free numbers

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SIP Trunking

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TCPA Compliance

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Advanced, customizable and complete

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Discover the platform

CenterWare Kolob

Ensure your customer service with technology that fits your business, more agile and lighter.

Usability and the most advanced technology and security at all times, make CenterWare Kolob the ideal platform for the Home office work model, allowing you to migrate your operation from a traditional model to a completely remote one.

Some benefits from using our platform

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Streamlines operation and reduces the learning curve

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Predictive dialer

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User-friendly technology with high innovation

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Check your campaign information more efficiently

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Combine multiple filters in your searches to find the recordings you need easier

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Modify, create and export new reports in matter of minutes at anytime

Use cases


Technical support


Inbound calls

Telephone calls traffic

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Get to know these and many other benefits Nuxiba has for your business.

Complete solutions for your business

We can offer you the best tools for your contact center to operate. Our commitment is to maintain the quality and security of your calls, implementing the best standards to guarantee it.

In addition, with Nuxiba Telecomm you will have different communication channels to provide the best experience among them are:

  • Carrier level telephony
  • Email
  • Web Chat
  • Whatsapp
  • Cloud-based

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Enabling international communication

Nuxiba's cloud-based services provide your contact center with immediate access to newer and better IT solutions without going through the hustle of installing unnecessary resource-eating apps.

We can offer you the best tools for your contact center to operate cloud-based. Our commitment is to maintain the quality and security of your calls at all times, implementing the best security standards to ensure it.

Nuxiba Telecomm results from putting together the necessary pieces that support, endorse, and lead the industry with the clear objective of providing you with the best experience.

Leave your details to learn more about prices and rates.

Get in contact today with one of our specialists and let us guide you through a change into a better customer experience, collect management and sales.

Focus on what truly matters in your operations.

Let us do the hard work!

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