Improve customer and agents experience with our new NX One.
We guarantee that you will be able to unleash your contact center’s potential and increase contact rates by up to 100%.

All this due to our intelligent i-2CX system that increases your effective contact, which together with our NX Assurance, gives you the security to continue growing your business while complying with all regulations.

Flexibility and trust in one place

Achieve an effective contact, complying with the NX Assurance (TCPA standards & FDCPA 7 in 7 protection)

Exceed your customers' experience with Nuxiba

We engineer software for the growth and development of contact and call centers

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Smart Clicker?


Our system, enhance your agents to manually approve calls. It will help your CC to ensure that every contact will comply with the TCPA requirements.

“Stop flying solo!
Every business is like a rocket, it takes two pilots. You drive, we shotgun”.

NX One

You will have multiple communication channels, from a single interface, where all system agents have access to the tool.

Access to information at all times, without installing additional components and maintaining total control of your operation.

Each module is designed to improve your contact center service and increase the estimated return on investment in less time!

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So, what is NX One?

It's the perfect combination of modules, strictly developed for call and contact centers.

NX One

Disrupting technology for your Contact Center

Discover our best solutions yet

NX One

Our best solution yet for your call and contact centers.


The best system yet created to increase your effective contact.

NX Assurance

The perfect guarantee framework for your day to day work.

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