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Nuxiba has over 25 years of experience in engineering software for improving the operation of hundreds of contact centers around the world.

We conduct business in North and Latin America, Europe, and Asia through our US head office and Mexico branch.

We develop reliable, adaptable, user-friendly, and feature-rich platforms with excellence in mind to deliver the best user experience available along with secure and stable resources for operation improvement.

Our team of professionals is committed to put all their talent into each project and provide customers with technology that exceeds their expectations.

Our purpose

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We help you contact people and businesses

We are committed to you in every new project, providing excellence and simplicity through our platforms, which provide a better experience in its use thanks to its security, stability, adaptability and innovation, optimizing the contact with your clients.

Our values are an essential part of a business model and a corporate culture that helps to achieve transcendental achievements and improve society.

We are trusted by hundreds of satisfied customers around the world.

Nuxiba was founded with the purpose of offering the best enterprise software for calls automation, customer interaction, database management, and streamlined communication. This aim evolved over time into developing powerful tools capable of revamping the points of contact between companies and customers.

The alliance between a group of engineers and shareholders led to the innovative concept of integral software solutions for call and contact centers combining features like CRM, IVR, call and screen recording, chat, email, etc.

From that moment on, Nuxiba focused on becoming a strategic partner of companies by providing them with platforms for optimizing their communication processes, increasing their productivity, improving their competitiveness, and building strong, long-lasting customer relationships.

Nowadays, we have a large customer base that trust us with their daily operation. Therefore, we innovate our products and services on a regular basis to deliver the best user experience available.

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Our values

Values are an essential part of a business model and a business culture that helps to achieve transcendental achievements and improve society.

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We care about people

👉🏼 We are pleased to recognize our colleagues.

👉🏼 We take pride in the holistic development of people.

👉🏼 We honor the integrity of people.

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We are resilient

👉🏼 We are with the customer until the end.

👉🏼 We always look for the "yes”.

👉🏼 We turn adversity into continuous improvement.

👉🏼 We are flexible with our commercial and business models.

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We are motivated by challenges

👉🏼 We are challenged by customer satisfaction.

👉🏼 We enjoy learning and solving complexity.

👉🏼 By solving problems, we generate bonds.

👉🏼 We are challenged by innovation and the drive to deliver value faster and faster.

👉🏼 We set goals and work to achieve them.

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We come together as a team

👉🏼 There is always someone to help me.

👉🏼 Commitment is the most important thing for us.

👉🏼 We share knowledge.

👉🏼 We trust the team.

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👉🏼 We seek customer recognition as national and international recognition.

👉🏼 We strive for excellence to be recognized by the team.

👉🏼 We build relationships with customers.

👉🏼 We like to be recognized for fair customer pricing.

👉🏼 We value people who take ownership of responsibility and results.

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Our shared values and purpose at Nuxiba give us identity and help us make decisions with positive impacts for our clients and collaborators.


With these values, we enhance and develop our knowledge and skills to the maximum; creating and growing as people, where we take care of each other. Fosteringtrust in our team, and their work of constant improvement, to create a leading company through making better decisions.

This is our opportunity to provide society with support through our talent, time and effort; with the goal of always developing to the maximum and transcending.


We help communicate to clients around the world, providing the best user experience, fostering human talent.

El Gigante de la Contactación
El Gigante de la Contactación


We want our tools to help our clients increase their level of contact and, thanks to their trust and collaborative work, we become a strategic partner with the ideal solution to achieve their goals and generate healthy and solid business relationships.

Day by day we compile the results we get in teamwork with our all customers

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Of monthly admon minutes

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Work stations

25 years

In operation

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More about us

Nuxiba emerges as an innovative concept within the software industry for Call Center and Contact Center, with the purpose of providing solutions to companies to improve their communication experience and allow them to interact closely with their customers, increase productivity and competitiveness, in addition to easily managing their databases to achieve faster and more effective contacts. Our tools facilitate your daily operation with functions such as CRM, IVR, call and screen recorder, chat email, instant messaging, telephony, artificial intelligence, among others.

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