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NX One

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NX One

The perfect combo of modules, strictly developed for call and contact centers

NX One by Nuxiba, the best user model for call and contact centers

You will have multiple communication channels, from a single interface, where all system agents have access to the tool.

Access to information at all times, without installing additional components and maintaining total control of your operation.

Each module is designed to improve your contact center service and increase the estimated return on investment in less time!

Let our system work so that your contact grows and grows, so your company earns more. Increase your productivity, portfolio recovery or sales

AI for Call Center

Algorithm that analyzes your historical contact data to offer you an increase of up to 10% Guaranteed!
3 months FREE!

Our Nuxiba AI models works the best with your call center

One of the many things that makes us unique is our guarantee, with which you can be sure to shield your business against all existing TCPA Compliance & 7 in 7 protection

Center Ware Kolob

New architecture that allows multiple, more stable connections, allowing you to connect large volumes of agents remotely

Platform Nuxiba

Smart Clicker

Keep track of all your calls with our smart clicker: a simple way to ensure that all calls made by your agents are approved within compliance regulations

El Gigante de la Contactación

Speech Analytics

Intelligently analyze calls to guide your agents and make every word count!

El Gigante de la Contactación

Add ons

  • Cloud Based Recordings.
  • Unlimited agents and ports.
  • Our platform enables you to streamline your operations effortlessly by seamlessly integrating with most CRMS at no extra charge.

El Gigante de la Contactación


Engage in conversations that generate value and improve your customer’s perception of your business

El Gigante de la Contactación


IP telephony that allows you to make multiple calls at an improved cost and without the need to install expensive or advanced infrastructure

El Gigante de la Contactación
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