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Nuxiba Full Solutions

Revolutionize your Call Center experience with high contact

Revolutionize your Call Center experience with high contact. We revolutionize your experience with high contact call center software. Get a high effective contact that increases your productivity, portfolio recovery or sales. LE tour 1-2CX work so that your contact grows and grows and so your company, earns more.

We have modules that, together, generate a positive impact on your telephone contact up to 20%.

Focus only on your business and the treatment of your customers, we take care of your contact!

ANI Algorithm

Intelligent Caller ID

Intelligent rotation of ANI’s with 2 differents modes (local ANI Presence, and Randomized)

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SPAM Label

Prevent your ANIS’s from being labeled as spam, if they are labeled, we detect and correct it, so your business can continue

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We help you to set up the CNAM with any name you want

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Serve more customers quickly and efficiently throught chat! Engage in conversations that generate value and improve your customer’s perception of your business

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SIP Response

Generally, 15% of SIP codes are considered erroneous, we analyze them to catalog them properly. We monitor carriers to determine if the responses they return are reachable numbers

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Improve customer and workforce experience with our new i-2CX model

We guarantee that you will be able to unleash your contact center’s potential and increase contact rates by up to 20%

Become the best in the markert
Scale up your business today!
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The Contact Rate Giant

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